First Post

I’m interested in many things. I have many ideas, all of them seem cool initially but as soon as I try to explain them, most of them turn out to be rubbish.

Some other time, I just do something non-obvious to me. Quite often, after hours spent on Google and reading other people’s code, I find a solution that is, at the time of discovery, completely obvious. Few months later, I forgot all the stuff I learned and wished I took more notes on my way.

It also happens that people ask me about something and in the end, I write quite a long answer. That’s fine, but perhaps, some other people might find it interesting.

For the reasons above, I decided to try and write down things in a form of blog posts. I’m not sure I have enough will to keep writing. I’m not at all sure stuff that may eventually appear here would be interesting for anybody. Hence I make no promises, not even to myself. But let me give it go.

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